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 We have spent the last 15 years applying Lean, Theory of Constraints, and Six Sigma methodologies to small and mid sized businesses to help them achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with the quality, cost, and delivery time of the products and services they produce. 

Our Approach

Our service is successful because we engage all levels of the organization: from the executive war rooms to the shop floor. After an analysis of the business to determine the constraint, we deliver a future state proposition that fits your goals, budget and timeline. And unlike most consulting companies, we are hands on in all aspects of the implementation to ensure a smooth launch with uninterrupted customer service.

Why Us?

We respect what it took for you to build your business and understand that a one size fits all solution does not work. We will tailor the solution to fit your vision and culture. You'll find our leadership, teaching, and management styles are bolstered with a passion for what we do and a positive attitude that will make the whole experience enjoyable. 

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